Must-Have SEO Tools to Get Better Ranking

11 Must-Have SEO Tools to Get Better Ranking

Every website strives only for one single aim, and that is to generate more traffic and sales. Therefore, the focus is on the better ranking of the website, so that it is visible to a large audience. Now, you might be wondering how you can rank better on SERPs. We are here to make your marketing worries go away. Firstly, we shall understand why ranking better is necessary at all. Then, we shall discuss the free SEO tools that are a must to get a better ranking on the SERPs. So, let us get started.

Why Better Website Ranking is Necessary?

The sole purpose of creating a website is to become easily accessible to a huge audience. Online presence is the most popular mode of being accessible to anyone around the globe. Therefore, everyone makes their website and wishes to reach the top of the first page of SERPs. Moreover, it helps in generating more traffic which increases the leads generated. The end goal of any website is to generate leads and convert them into sales. Therefore, doing the SEO of a website is necessary.

In addition to that, there are routine SEO audits that help in analyzing the performance and future strategies. Better ranks are achievable only through smart and focused strategies. Now, doing manual SEO audits is a time-consuming task, thus creating room for SEO tools is always a better idea. These SEO tools deliver more accurate results, thus helping to make a more-to-the-point strategy. Now, let us explore these SEO tools which are freely available.

11 SEO Tools for You to Use

SERPs Inspection Tool

There are multiple search engines available across the internet. Being present in all of them can be advantageous because of the larger audience. However, it also causes the problem of keeping a tap on every search engine's ranking. Therefore, using a SERPs inspection tool will assist you in recording your performance on every search engine. As a result, you will be able to know your position and work on it more efficiently.

Backlink Maintenance Tool

The backlinks are an important part of the off-page SEO strategy. It allows you to spread your website's presence by interlinking with another website. Your website's presence across different websites increases its credibility in the eyes of the crawlers. This results in a better ranking. The basic role of an SEO tool is to keep track of the existing backlinks. Moreover, the backlink checker tool also regularly checks whether they are operational or not and suggests new backlinks.

Crawlability Checker Tool

Crawlers of a search engine go through each area of the website, covering whatever is there on the website. As a result, they are able to identify and index your website under relevant keywords. Therefore, it is important to have a crawlability checker tool that checks whether the crawlers visited your website or not. If the website is not crawled, it will neither index nor rank it.

Competition Research Tool

This tool works like a comparison tool to analyze the difference between your website and your competitors. After the competitive analysis, it points out all the areas which are different. Using the result of these analyses, one can formulate strategies for better ranking. Apart from doing the competitive analyses, the competition research tool also suggests ideas similar to higher-ranking competitors. The key factor of using this tool is that it works in minimum time.

Plagiarism Checker Tool

Copied content or duplicate content is something that no search engines favor. Moreover, the audience also loses trust. This results in poor ranking and less traffic generation. Therefore, every website owner must ensure that their content is plagiarism free. But to check that manually by going on every other website will take up a lot of time. Hence, using a plagiarism checker tool will save you a lot of time and resources.

Meta Tag Tool

An e-commerce website has many products. Each of these products has similar categories and features. Creating different and unique meta tags for each product is a big challenge. If you have a meta tag tool, it will allow you to analyze and generate new meta tags. So, while doing an ecommerce SEO audit, if you come across any non-performing meta tag, you can easily change that. The best part is all of this is possible in a matter of a few minutes.

Keyword Assistant Tool

Keywords play a major role in every website's SEO strategy. It is these identification words that people search for, and according to the website's relevancy, results get displayed. Hence, it is necessary to analyze your keywords and use them critically. The SEO tool for keywords will allow you to identify keywords that are easy to target. In addition, it also checks their performance, density, and positioning to make better suggestions.

Domain Authority Inspection Tool

In simple words, domain authority is the SEO score of a website. It predicts the likelihood of any website's ranking on search engines. DA checks the overall health of the website. This includes different aspects of SEO ranking factors like links, design, content relevancy, and many more. DA checker is one of the most popular and free SEO tools available. It does a quantitative analysis of the website's health and scores it on a scale of 100.

Page Speed Checking Too

A key element in the SEO audit checklist is the website's loading speed and pages. A visitor does not wait more than a few seconds for any webpage to load. If the visitor leaves the website quickly, it causes a high bounce rate and poor ranking. If you sit to check the speed of each page manually, it will take a lot of time. At the same time, a page speed checker tool will be able to do it in just a few minutes.

Responsiveness Tool

A website should be able to adapt its design as per the device on which it is being viewed. The responsiveness tool checks whether the website is properly viewed on the mobile phone or not. A non-responsive website loses on the traffic generated from smartphone users. Since a lot of traffic is being lost, it decreases the SEO ranking of the website. Therefore, using this tool, you can provide a better experience to your audience by checking its responsiveness.

Final Takeaway

Be it an ecommerce SEO audit or a normal website SEO audit. It is essential to analyze every aspect critically. A website attains a better ranking only when all the areas are thoroughly inspected. Therefore, to meet the end goal of better rankings, we provide SEO tools that are available freely on our website. To access these SEO tools easily, visit our free ecommerce seo tools page.